How To Remove White Spot from Leaves

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Let’s see how to remove white spot from plant leaves. Most of the time we use to see that, when we spray some chemical mixed water to plant leaves to kill insects, this water leaves white spot to it.

Ideally, we don’t know how to remove that spot and it looks very bad for those plants. Specially for Indore plants, it looks very poor. It removes beauty of these plants. So, finally we have some solution to it, which I applied to my plant.

Let’s see what all required:

  1. Milk or White Vinegar
  2. One Glass of water
  3. Take One Soft Piece of Cotton Clothes

Please take 1 teaspoon of milk and mix with a full glass of water. Then dip, this clothes into mixed water and start cleaning the leaves gently.

Same way you can use white vinegar as well. post applying this, please wait for 10-15 to let leaves dry. After something you will see, the white spot is gone.

This is fully tested remedies and it will work.

I have also created video of this, if required, please visit to my youtube channel as below. Hope this article help. Feel free to write comment or suggestion for this article and video.

Thank you!

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